The video EVERY parent needs to watch to spot the signs of sepsis


The mother of a sepsis survivor has released a video she wants every parent to watch. 

Jade Rodford claims her now five-year-old daughter Ella Erangey developed shallow breathing and blotchy skin in November 2014. 

However, her symptoms only came on at home and mysteriously vanished when she was taken to hospital. But doctors dismissed it as just a cold. 

Miss Rodford therefore recorded a 20-second clip of Ella’s pot-marked, purple skin, which she later showed to medics at hospital. 

The 30-year-old claims it was only then that medics took her daughter’s condition seriously, with her later being diagnosed with sepsis and spending 12 days in hospital.

Now fully recovered, Miss Rodford, of Gravesend, Kent, credits that video for ‘saving Ella’s life’ by demonstrating the ‘full extent of what was going on’.  

Speaking of the video, Miss Rodford, who is also mother to nine-year-old Harry, said: ‘[It] saved her life, 100 per cent. I had an instinct something wasn’t right.

‘Without that video I was just coming into hospital with a normal child with a high temperature.

‘But the video showed the full extent of what was going on and how serious it was. If I hadn’t taken the video they would have sent me home and Ella wouldn’t be here.’

Miss Rodford, who shares her children with her partner Sean Erangey, 30, claims Ella had been under the weather for a few days before things suddenly took a dramatic turn for the worse.   

‘Ella had a few colds one after the other, she’d been unwell for a while,’ Miss Rodford said. ‘I took her to the GP who said she seemed fine.’

Miss Rodford, a legal secretary, later dropped Ella off at her mother’s who rang her back just five minutes later. 

‘My mum called me and said you need to come home, Ella can’t breathe and has turned blue,’ Miss Rodford said.

‘Luckily I was nearby but when I got home she looked terrible. Her temperature was really high.’

Despite going back and forth to hospital, Miss Rodford claims Ella only showed signs of being unwell when she was at home.

The mother-of-two therefore decided to record a clip of her daughter that showed her pot-marked, purple skin.

She later rang the non-emergency NHS number 111. The operator reportedly said Ella’s condition did not warrant an ambulance being sent round but the youngster should be brought to A&E.  

‘I felt like I was wasting their time,’ Miss Rodford said. ‘I took her in and medics and the doctor said she had had some seizures.’

However, hospital staff quickly realised how serious the situation was when Miss Rodford showed them the video. 

‘As soon as they saw the medics decided to take her in,’ she said. ‘The video showed her shallow breathing and the purple, red and white skin, mottle skin.’

After medics saw the video, Ella was rushed into a treatment suite and diagnosed with sepsis a few hours later.

The youngster was then hooked up to IV drugs and endured a nearly two-week stay in hospital.  

‘She was okay, she gradually got her strength back but it was very, very scary,’ Miss Rodford said.

She is releasing the video to show other parents the signs of sepsis.  

‘I came across it recently and just thought “every parent should see this”,’ Miss Rodford said.

‘I knew something was wrong with my daughter but I didn’t know what. Hopefully some good can come out of something horrendous happening to my daughter.

‘If I hadn’t taken that video there’s no way Ella would be here.’


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