Three in four pubs ‘not confident in survival’ if 2m social distancing isn’t scrapped – Latest News


It said: “It will make the operational reopening of many venues challenging.

A bombshell report from MPs warned that most venues would struggle to survive under the current coronavirus social distancing regulations.

A bombshell report from MPs warned 75% of pubs could be forced to shut their doors if customers are forced to sit two metres apart due to coronavirus social distancing

The regulations could devastate the hospitality industry

Thousands of pubs could be forced to close due to the crisis

It went on to point out that the two-metre rule exceeds World Health Organisation guidance of one metre.

Three in four pubs could shut their doors if Prime Minister Boris Johnson doesn’t ditch the two-metre rule, it has been claimed.

“Business confidence studies submitted to the all-party group suggested up to 75% of businesses surveyed were not confident that they could survive with this level of social distancing enforced.”

The Daily Mirror claims pub trade bodies are continuing to plead with the Government to reduce the two-metre distancing rule, with many boozers too small to make re-opening worthwhile under current guidelines.

Under the current lockdown easing timetable, pubs and restaurants could be free to reopen from July 4.

“For travel and tourism businesses, it is difficult to imagine two-metre social distancing being feasible in most circumstances.”

Earlier this month, Boris Johnson had told MPs the scientific advisory group for emergencies (Sage) had been asked to review the guidance about social distancing.

However, a study published in medical journal The Lancet last week suggests cutting social distancing to within one metre could increase the likelihood of coronavirus transmission by more than four.

The WHO’s internationally recognised social distancing standard is used in the likes of Italy, Denmark and France.

Whitehall sources told the Daily Mail the PM had told allies that scrapping the rule was a matter of “when, not if”.

One told the newspaper: “He wants to do it when he’s confident it is safe to do so. I would be surprised if there is a single member of the Cabinet who wants to keep the rule as it is, but the science says we just can’t move yet.”


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