To deal with my painful 38J boobs, I have to wear TWO bras.


To deal with my painful 38J boobs, I need to wear TWO bras.

To cope with the pain, a WOMAN with breasts measuring 38J must wear two bras.

Shade Newberry, a 26-year-old Bristol woman, claims she is “addicted” to painkillers and is always in a “zombie-like state.”

Shade’s massive boobs have even jeopardized her career as a hair loss technician in a salon, as she was forced to reduce her hours and work part-time due to the extreme back pain her breasts have caused.

Despite numerous visits to her doctor, it appears that the NHS will not cover her breast reduction surgery.

She is desperately trying to raise money through crowdsourcing in order to go private.

“My boobs have taken over my entire life,” Shade explained.

It feels like I’m squandering my youth.

“I’m still young, and I feel the need to hide behind baggy clothing.”

“I’m dressed like a middle-aged woman in shabby clothes.”

“I’m wasting my youth by hating my body and remaining a social recluse because I don’t want to go out and be stared at all the time.”

“I despise how my boobs make me look.”

“My dress size should be 16, but I have to buy a size 24 for my top half because of my chest.”

“My breast size never changes, no matter how much my weight fluctuates.”

“Finding bras is also difficult, and they are significantly more expensive.

They usually cost around £42 and, due to the weight of my boobs, they don’t seem to last very long.”

Shades’ boobs began to grow at a young age, and by the time she reached secondary school, she was a size DD.

“It all started when I was in my final year of primary school and a girl told me I needed a bra,” she explained.

“So my father took me to the store to get a training bra, and I was told I’d need a proper bra.”

“I was a DD cup by the time I started secondary school.”

“They continued to grow rapidly throughout my teenage years, and by the time I was 17, I was a G cup.”

Shade remembers it being terrible when he was a teenager with big boobs.

“No matter what I wear, people stare at my chest or make comments,” Shade continued.

“When I wear anything low-cut, people accuse me of flaunting my boobs for attention.”

It’s a complete sham.

Shade has had to reduce her work hours at a hair transplant clinic for women who have lost their hair.

“I couldn’t work full-time because I was in constant pain,” she explained.

“I would…

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Shade Newberry (left), 26, is in agony due to her 38J sized breasts, which she says forces her to wear "frumpy clothes" and two brasShade says her boobs have 'taken over my whole life'Shade is crowdfunding for a breast reduction, saying: "I have continuously pleaded with GP’s, been put on a lot of different painkillers"Jade has had to cut her hours at work because her boobs are so painful

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