Uber to make it compulsory for passengers and drivers to wear masks from Monday – Latest News


It also said it would be providing drivers with personal protective equipment (PPE).

The popular cab app service said the measures were coming in as coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased.

Uber will make sure that passengers and drivers wear face masks from Monday, regional manager Jamie Heywood said. It serves as a bid to contain coronavirus as lockdown restrictions are eased

Uber will make passengers and drivers wear face masks from Monday

Uber said the measures were in line with lockdown restrictions beginning to ease

“Now, as cities begin to reopen and people start moving again, we’re taking measures to help everyone stay safe and healthy every time they use Uber.

Uber will order passengers and drivers to wear face coverings in the UK from Monday, the taxi company has confirmed.

The company’s general manager for northern and eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood, said: “For months we’ve been urging people to stay home, for their safety and the safety of drivers who make essential trips.

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that people living alone would be allowed to visit others as part of a “support bubble”.

After lockdown was imposed in March, restrictions have started to ease across the UK.

“We’ve introduced measures to ensure that every driver can access the PPE (personal protective equipment) they need for free to help keep them safe when driving with Uber, and, from Monday, we will require anyone using the Uber app in the UK to wear a face covering.”

He said: “All those in a support bubble will be able to act as if they live in the same household, meaning they can spend time together inside each others’ homes and do not need to stay two metres apart.

“And if any member of the support bubble develops symptoms, all members of the bubble will need to follow the normal advice on household isolation.”

“I want to stress that support bubbles must be exclusive, meaning you can’t switch the household you are in a bubble with or connect with multiple households.


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