[VIRAL] Last Minute Before COVID-19 Death, Old Texas Couple Kept Holding Hands


An inspiring but sad love story happened in a hospital in Texas, United States, on June 18. Old Texas couple lasted for 53 years, died minutes apart due to coronavirus. Both of them were diagnosed with the viral disease and left their children with a heartbreaking image. Their parents were found in the hospital bed, holding their hands together until they reach the end of their journey.  

Have you remembered the story of the old couple in the movie Titanic? Though many might be unfamiliar with their storyline, some of you that watched the film multiple times may have noticed the old couple montage shot when the ship was already sinking.

They were hugging each other in the cabin until the tides of water reached them. 

This story had similarities with what happened in the real lives of Betty and Curtis Tarpley, a 53-year-old couple living in Texas. 

Tim Tarpley, their son, narrated how his parents died in the arms of each other. When both of them were about to say their goodbyes, the hospital staff transferred their beds into one room wherein they were seen holding hands at the last minutes of their breath. 

Here’s what happened

On June 9, 80-year-old Betty said to her son Tim, 52, that she was feeling unwell due to severe headache and tooth pain. To check up on his mother, Tim traveled with his mother to see a doctor. At the time, she was immediately diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Two days later, Tim’s dad was then transferred to a hospital where he was also diagnosed with the same disease. Unlike Betty, though, Curtis had more chances of survival and seemed to be doing well in the ICU. 

Betty’s condition continues to decline and already went to see her children tell them that she was ‘ready to go.’

Tim updates his father with the health conditions of their mother. Unfortunately, it didn’t help his father’s chances of surviving the virus.

“I really feel like he like he was fighting because he was supposed to, and once he knew she wasn’t gonna make it, then he was okay with, you know, taking it to the house,” Tim said. “I think he fought because he thought the team needed him, but he was also tired, and he was in pain.” 

When both of their health conditions were not getting well, nurses decided to transfer them both in ICU so that both could be side-by-side.

“His eyes opened, and his eyebrows went up,” said Blake Throne, one of the ICU nurses caring for Curtis. “He knew what we said. He knew that she was there.”

Throne said that he put the hands of Betty to Curtis’ arm. 

After this, Betty died about 20 minutes after being transferred. It was then followed by Curtis 45 minutes later. 

“I honestly think they were so incapacitated that all they could do was talk with their souls or something, a special unspoken language,” Tim said. “They obviously knew each other well enough that they could communicate without words.” 

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