WHO: researchers stop testing with hydroxychloroquine abroad


Hydroxychloroquine was part of a WHO-coordinated research with more than 3500 patients in 35 countries. Thereby, it is investigated whether various already existing drugs against Malaria, HIV, Ebola, and Multiple sclerosis effect against Covid-19.

According to a report in the journal “The Lancet” that hydroxychloroquine may increase the death rate, had been exposed to the Tests at the end of may temporary. Later, the Journal withdrew the study, however, and the WHO gave at the beginning of June the green light for a continuation of the Tests.

In the United States, the food and drug administration (FDA) had to call on the Monday exception approval for hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid – 19-disease resistance. It was in the light of current scientific knowledge “unlikely” that hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of lung disease to be effective, it was said.



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