‘Absolute c***!’ SNP MP ordered to withdraw statement after foul-mouthed Commons rant


SNP MP David Linden was furiously scolded by the Speaker of the House after the Scottish politician launched an expletive-filled attack on a Home Office minister during a Commons debate.

An SNP MP was forced to apologise to the House of Commons after sweary tirade against the Government. David Linden was objecting to Home Office minister Chris Philip praising the UK’s approach to asylum seekers and foreign nationals. The Scottish politician stood up to directly oppose the comments, but broke a major rule of the House of Commons.

Mr Linden said: “I’m sorry, the minister is just talking absolute c*** here.”

Immediately, the Speaker of the House intervened and ordered Mr Linden to withdraw his use of profanity.

The Scottish MP acquiesced, but couldn’t resist adding: “I withdraw the word c***, but I would say it’s absolute nonsense.”

He then proceeded to hit out at Mr Philip’s argument.

Mr Linden told the House: “He talks about how welcoming the UK is.

“This is the same UK Government that had ‘go home’ vans going around communities.

“It’s the same UK Government that’s got a hostile environment.

“So can I just suggest he cut to the chase and address the actual question?”

Mr Philips shot back: “There is no amount of huffing and puffing that can disguise the fact that we are the only G7 country meeting our 0.7 percent commitment.

“There is no huffing and puffing that can disguise the fact that we gave 20,000 grants of asylum and protection last year.

“The Honourable Gentleman can shake his head all he likes, but those are the facts.”

The Home Office minister added: “They are facts and evidence of the compassion with which the United Kingdom deals with these very vulnerable people.

“He can shake his head and fold his arms, but those are the facts.”

The exchange didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users though.

Fiona Sinclair wrote: “Oh dear, oh dear. Please try not to embarrass your constituents.”

Sophie Sleigh laughed: “Ha! Well played.”


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