Australia’s Queensland records another local COVID-19 case


SYDNEY, March 28 (Xinhua) — Australia’s state of Queensland recorded another locally acquired COVID-19 case on Sunday as the state’s health department didn’t rule out a lockdown but hoped could avoid it.

The new case is the brother of the man who was tested positive on Thursday. Serology test indicated this new case may have previously been infected with the virus and could be the link between a previous cluster earlier this month and the current cluster.

The state also recorded two cases in returned travelers, out of 11,348 tests conducted in the past 24 hours.

“It is good to see that despite the enormous increasing testing, we have not had any other cases. It is far too early to relax because we know that our two current cases had been infectious in the community for the last week so we would still expect to see cases.” Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young told a press conference on Sunday.

In January there was a three-day lockdown in Brisbane after a hotel quarantine cleaner tested positive to the variant strain of virus, but the health department didn’t plan to impose a lockdown at this stage nor announcing more restrictions.

“That was the very first case of the B117, the very contagious variant in the country, and we just didn’t quite understand it, know what we need to do so that’s why I recommended that we need to, while we worked out what was going in lockdown,” Young said.

She urged people to take precautions such as wearing masks in indoor environments, adhere to the current restrictions, maintain social distance, get tested if being sick.

“We need to do all of those things. If those things don’t work then of course we have to look what else we need to do… If we can do all those things, then we might be able to prevent a lockdown,” she said.

Nevertheless, the chief health officer didn’t rule out a lockdown.

“This is the virus. It just spreads. We don’t always know how it spreads from that case we had in the hotel and how it spreads to that doctor, and we don’t know how it spreads from the doctor to the three cases. So I can’t rule out anything.” she said. Enditem


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