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BBC Weather: Arctic freeze set to grip UK over weekend as temperatures continue to plunge


THE latest BBC weather forecast shows an Arctic freeze engulfing the UK over the weekend, as temperatures continue to drop across the country.

Temperatures will continue to plummet this weekend, as it feels increasingly cold across the UK. Freezing cold Arctic winds will take their toll across the entire UK, with the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings. The BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas warned that “frost, thunderstorms and hail” will hit the UK this weekend.

She explained: “We are going to see a mixture of some sunshine and some blustery showers around this weekend. Some of us will see some heavy persistent areas of rain while others will get quite a bit of sunshine.

“But what all of us will experience is the strength of that cold northernly wind.

“We have had some really heavy downpours, thunderstorms and large hail over the last 24 hours or so, all down to this cloud you can see on the satellite imaging.

“This area of low pressure will be a troublemaker over the next few days.”

Keith-Lucas warned that the slow-moving area of low pressure will mean the northernly Arctic winds will be particularly strong for eastern England, reaching gale-force strength.

She singled out Lincolnshire and East Anglia, as 65mph winds lash the British coastline.

The winds could even be strong enough “to bring down a tree or two, so we could see some localised transport disruption”.

Heavy rain will also cause a flooding risk with more than an inch of rainfall in the area.

Temperatures will range between 13C to 16C, but “it will feel cool” across the UK.

She continued: “Overnight, temperatures will fall down well into the single figures.

“A chilly start to your Saturday morning, could even see a touch of frost in Scotland.”

Keith-Lucas added: “Saturday will be fairly similar to the weather on Friday.

“On Sunday, some showers will be lingering in East Anglia, and temperatures will range between 11C and 15C.”

The Met Office has put a yellow rain and wind warning in place in the southeast today, while the Environment Agency has issued two flood warnings and two alerts.

The autumn freeze saw golf-ball sized hailstones hammer Yorkshire on Thursday afternoon, leaving it blanketed in deep “snow”.


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