BBC Weather: Heavy showers and thunderstorms to batter Britain ahead of weekend washout


BBC WEATHER have forcasted heavy downpours and thunderstorms for parts of the UK ahead of consistent rain during the weekend.

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor explained the UK’s weather would become more mild over the coming days. However, he added there would still be rain and increase in wind speed over the weekend. On Friday, as we head into the weekend, northern parts of England, southern Scotland and parts of Wales will experience heavy downpours, thunderstorms and lightning.

Mr Taylor said: “Things are gradually going to turn a little less lively over the next few days.

“Today there will be a few thunderstorms later and a genuinely damp start to the day but most places will see things brighten up as we go into the afternoon.

“It has been a wet 24 hours particularly across Wales and the southwest of England where we have seen over a months worth of rain.”

The BBC Weather forecast explained the wet weather would expand across the UK at the start of Friday morning.

He said: “Through parts of Wales and southwest England the rain will spread north.

“This will happen before the skies start to brighten.

“We will see those outbursts of rain as they push up to the north of England.

“Northern Wales, North England and southern Scotland will see the odd rumble of thunder and lightning.

“It is still quite humid out there so as the sun comes out you will notice it.

“But further north there will be lots of cloud and thunderstorms around.”

Mr Taylor also forecasted periods of dry warm sunshine for Saturday ahead of a heavy rain weather front moving in across the country.

He said: “For most of it will become dry going into Saturday morning with some fog patches around to take us into the day.

“It is a weekend where we start to see the wind come in from different directions as a new front brings in Atlantic winds.

“For Saturday, some good sunshine with most seeing a predominately dry day.

“That rain spreads eastwards on Saturday night into Sunday morning.

“Earlier rises will see that heavy rain on Sunday morning.”


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