BBC Weather: Winter -6 deep freeze to strike Britain today as temperatures plummet


Britain will be hit with a winter freeze as temperatures drop to as low as minus six in some parts of England.

Northern England and Wales will suffer the coldest temperatures in the UK today with some waking up to the mercury at minus six. Scotland is set for sunshine with temperatures of plus eight or nine degrees. There will be thick clouds across Northern Ireland. 

Matt Taylor said: “England and Wales coldest this morning with widespread frost.

“It is a week of change again, we are going to go from cold to eventually milder and also at times a little bit winder and wetter.

“Already some wet weather across Scotland this week.

“We have got the cold air in place that has come down from north winds.

“High pressure moves to the east and we start to allow the Atlantic in.

“This morning England and Wales at the coldest with temperatures as low as minus six in some parts to start with.”

He continued: “Compare that to plus eight or nine degrees in parts of western Scotland.

“That’s because here we have got cloud and rain.

“Away from that, it is a sunny start for much of England and Wales, cloud for Northern Ireland.

“We will start to see that cloud spreading across northern England and Wales in particular.

“It will be a cold day wherever you are, temperatures around six or seven degrees for the vast majority.

“Rain trying to push in tonight to the northern half of the country, most of you will be dry tonight.”

There will be some clear skies across England and Wales and a chance of frost tomorrow morning.

However, with those clear skies, it could lead to some dense patches of fog forming partially towards the southeast corner.

There could be some problems at airports and on the roads tomorrow morning due to dense fog in places.

It will clear and as we go through the day it is going to be a dry day on Tuesday.

There will be a lot more cloud in England and Wales, some of that fog could linger but mainly sunny spells tomorrow. 


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