Body found in search for disabled toddler who vanished from bed in middle of night


A body has been found in the search for a two-year-old disabled boy who went missing from his bedroom in the middle of the night.

Thaddeus Sran, who doesn’t walk, was put to bed in his home in California, USA, but by the next morning he was gone.

A body was found by police at 9.15am local time (5.15pm) on Thursday, but say it has not yet been identified.

Little Thaddeus was born prematurely and is fed through a tube. He was learning to walk, but is said to be able to crawl around.

Officers say the boy went missing sometime between 10pm on Tuesday, July 14 and 8.30am on Wednesday, July 15.

Police had been criticized for not issuing an Amber Alert, but the force said they need a suspect and vehicle description for any appeal.

The toddler was last seen wearing a red shirt and Spiderman trousers with a nappy underneath.

Door-to-door enquires were carried out with neighbours asked if they had CCTV footage of the area at the time of the boy’s disapperance.

Investigators say the remains of a child between the ages of two and three were found by cadaver dogs in a rural area but did not provide further information.

The boy’s parents were said to have stopped co-operating with police, but the family’s lawyer say this is not the case.

Attorney Roger Nuttal said: “They were cooperative until law enforcement became overtly accusatory.”

He added that the family had lost another child in 2015 from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Mr Nuttal says the baby was born prematurely and was in the hospital for several months until the parents were able to bring her home, but ultimately died from SIDS.

He said: “There was an investigation done and we have the medical records attesting the fragile condition of the baby, and that case was closed.

“There were no charges.”

He added: “These are good people. I venture to say they weren’t involved in illegal behavior in regards to their baby.”


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