Britain WON’T be bullied! Ann Widdecombe tells Barnier to realise no deal IS happening


BREXITEER Ann Widdecombe insisted the UK would not be bullied by the EU and ordered Michel Barnier to prepare for a no deal scenario.

Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe argued a no deal Brexit, or WTO (World Trade Organisation) Brexit, was going to happen. During an interview with, Ms Widdecombe said chief negotiator Michel Barnier needed to realise the UK would not be bullied in the Brexit trade deal talks. She added Boris Johnson had initially shown weakness but was now taking strides to put pressure on the bloc.

She said: “When Boris achieved his British election victory, on the basis of ‘get Brexit done’, I went back to the EU Parliament for the next session and the atmosphere had completely changed.

“Suddenly people realised that we were going and it wasn’t so much an atmosphere of panic but one of complete surprise.

“I think Barnier needs to face something very similar now which is that WTO really is going to happen.

“That is why we should have done that in June because that would have given him time to absorb the deeply unpalatable.

“The EU can not bully us, that has got to be the single message to the EU.

“We are a sovereign state again, you can’t bully us.”

Ms Widdecombe also warned that Boris Johnson had initially played into the EU’s hands with extensions.

She noted the EU was able to gain confidence in the talks and assume the trade talks would be similar to that of Theresa May’s team.


Ms Widdecombe said: “I think the EU practices brinkmanship right up to the bitter end.

“I noticed something when I was an MEP.

“The European Parliament, EU administrators and officials never took the threat of Brexit seriously.

“There had been too many extensions and too much weakness so they never took it seriously.”

Brexit trade deal talks with the EU are at risk of collapsing as Boris Johnson receives threats from MPs, Lords and the European Union.

The Prime Minister’s Internal Market Bill, tabled this week, sparked fury as it risks overriding parts of the already agreed withdrawal agreement and has been accused of breaking international law. 

The EU has threatened to pull out of the trade talks completely giving Boris Johnson until the end of the month to make changes to the Internal Market Bill.

But, over the weekend, the Prime Minister stood firm on his ambitions and the need for the Internal Market Bill.


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