Brutal teen killer who ‘internally decapitated’ man, 61, by stamping on him unmasked


A teenage thug who ‘internally decapitated’ a man by stamping on his head can be identified for the first time.

Tristan Kiely, 18, killed 61-year-old Frank Sinclair after launching a frenzied attack that left his victim with at least 19 injuries.

Kiely, who was 16 at the time of the assault, used so much force that he severed his victim’s spine from his head.

The teen received an 11-year jail term in February at the High Court in Edinburgh but could not be named due to his age.

But he can now be unmasked after a legal ban keeping his identity hidden expired as he turned 18 last week.

A source told the Scottish Sun: “A lot of people who know Frank will be glad he’s being named.

“People deserve to see his face. He’s scum. People locally have already tried naming him on social media.”

Social media accounts belonging to Kiely are filled with him drinking alcohol and sharing snaps of him smoking a large spliff.

In one picture he boasts of his drug use which reads: “Magic mushys n green is a must.”

Other photographs show him posing topless as he clutches bottles of vodka and Buckfast.

The latest of his eight posts was uploaded to social media just two days before the attack took place.

The youth, who previously could not be named for legal reasons, preyed on Mr Sinclair because he believed the pensioner had earlier pushed him outside Westwood community hall.

The schoolboy scraped his face off a wall at the complex and this caused him to attack Mr Sinclair. 

At proceedings earlier this year, a teenager told the court how she, two other girls and the boy found Mr Sinclair lying on the ground. 

She said the boy tried to help Mr Sinclair by lifting him up from the ground, but both fell and the boy injured his face, scraping it off the side of the building. 

One of the girls phoned for an ambulance and the teenage boy walked away. 

The court then heard how the boy returned about 15 minutes later with the witness adding: “He was more annoyed then he left.”

The girl, who is also 17, said one of her girlfriends grabbed the boy and tried to hold him back but failed. 

The girl, who also can’t be identified, said: “He ran up to Mr Sinclair, raised his foot and put it down on his face. 

“I could hear the sound of his foot hitting the head – the stamps were hard and forceful.”

Lord Burns blasted the brute at the High Court in Edinburgh as he jailed him in February: “By this terrible act you killed him and deprived his family and friends of his love and companionship.

“They will have to live with that for the rest of their lives and you have to live with that for the rest of your life.

“You fled knowing Mr Sinclair had been injured.”


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