‘Corona’ listed on the most searched for baby names in 2020 alongside Mila and Zion


A website has revealed their most searched for baby names and it seems the Covid-19 pandemic may have had an impact on some parents’ choices.

According to The Bump ‘Corona’ featured on the list for girls names at 100th place while the number one spot was taken by ‘Mila’.

Aurora and Nova both appeared in the top 10 of most searched girls names showing that astrological names are popular for 2020.

The US-based website also revealed Braxton was the most searched for name for a boy followed by Hunter and then Zion.

Meanwhile the names of Reese and Skyla featured on both the girls and boys list.

Earlier this year, Luna and Milo were named as the two most popular baby names this year by American website Nameberry.

While Corona has appeared on The Bump’s list because it’s a popular search engine term, Nameberry say it has too many connotations with the killer virus so its ‘popularity’ will plummet.

It also agreed that astrological names have come back with a bang in 2020 – with both Luna and Aurora remaining in the top three.

But it claims Luna, who is the Roman goddess of the moon, could also be popular because John Legend and Chrissy Teigen gave their daughter that name.

1. Mila

2. Aaliyah

3. Aurora

4. Aria

5. Amelia

6. Eliana

7. Nova

8. Kayden

9. Molly

10. Ivy

1. Braxton

2. Zion

3. Hunter

4. Kai

5. Urban

6. Logan

7. Elliot

8. Liam

9. Lucas

10. River


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