EU exposed: Brussels in ‘serious financial trouble’ as Britain ‘bounces back’ from COVID


BREXITEER Robert Oulds argued Britain has a bright future ahead while the EU can expect serious financial difficulties.

Director of the Bruges Group think tank, Robert Oulds argued the UK has a prosperous future ahead regardless of whether a Brexit trade deal is agreed. During an interview with, Mr Oulds warned the EU would be losing one of the most successful economies and would face serious financial difficulties. He also noted the UK had the opportunity to trade outside the EU as often as it wanted post-Brexit.

Mr Oulds said: “The EU will not fare well without great Britain’s money.

“The EU are in serious financial difficulties and are having to cut back there own programmes.

“Through Brexit, the EU is losing one of the most successful economies in the world.

“Yes we do have our difficulties at the moment but Britain is bouncing back as the lockdown eases.”

Mr Oulds also noted that after cutting ties with the European Union, Britain has an opportunity to reassess who it wishes to trade with.

He said: “The European Union will also lose a great deal of trade.

“Britain buys so many products from the European Union, Britian is essentially exporting its jobs and capital to buy services and goods from the EU.

“We were essentially taking the wealth out of the UK, for products we need as that is how trade works, but it was working in the EU’s favour.


“Once the UK is fully outside the EU Britain can look to expand its trade into markets around the world.”

Mr Oulds highlighted how confident he was that Britian would be able to grow post-EU to have great relations with countries across the world.

He added: “Outside of the European Union we are already looking at striking a new trade deal with Japan.

“Britain is looking beyond the EU to overseas which is where the UK’s destiny will always lie.

“According to the international monetary fund, 90 percent of global growth will happen outside of the European Union.

“That is where Britain needs to be and wear Britain needs to be plugging into.

“Other countries would also have the benefit of having good trade agreements with the UK if the EU decides to be unreasonable with their unfair demands.”


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