‘EU is a small pedantic club!’ MEP lashes out at Brussels – ‘Wouldn’t be here without UK!’


THE EU has been savaged and labelled a “small pedantic club” by an MEP in a brutal outburst in the European Parliament.

Speaking in Parliament, Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink hit out at the EU while also reminding the members states that the bloc would not even exist without the UK’s help. In his speech, Mr Jan Eppink commented on the vast new financial aid package put forward by Germany and France which will give greater power to the EU Commission. He added: “The UK won’t be involved in the rebuild of Europe. 

“But we wouldn’t be here without the UK. 

“We are punishing the Brits out over a democratic vote.

“We’re just a small pedantic club with no strategic vision. 

“We welcome the Balkans while we push the Brits out the exit.”

The MEPs comments come as the war of words between the two sides continued yesterday as Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen claimed the EU will not compromise on its core values. 

There have been several areas of divergence between the two sides, most notably fisheries and the concept of a level playing field.

A level playing field is whereby businesses agree to a set of principles in order to stop one state undercutting the other. 

There had been fear from the EU side the UK could drop taxes and certain rules post-Brexit to attract businesses to Britain away from Brussels.  

While the EU has stated it will not back down, Ms von der Leyen did concede following a meeting with Boris Johnson this week that an extension will not be requested. 

She said yesterday: “These are our objectives, not only in our discussions with the UK but in any relationship with any partner.

“Because these are principles at the heart of the European Union – fair competition, rising social standards, the protection of our citizens and the rule of law.

“This is who we are and it is not going to change.

“The negotiations with the UK always promised to be difficult and they have not disappointed. 

“We are now halfway through these negotiations with five months left to go.

“But we’re definitely not halfway through the work to reach an agreement.”

Following their meeting this week, both UK and EU officials agreed they would need to expedite talks in order to reach a deal. 

The end of the transition ends on December 31, 2020. 

If a deal is not agreed by then the UK will revert to WTO rules. 

Even if a deal is reached relatively quickly, it will then need to be ratified by the other 27 EU member states individually. 

While the level playing field remains one of the core principles for the EU, UK officials have stated there must be no alignment with regulations. 

In order realise the full capacity of Brexit UK officials have stated Britain must not be tied to EU regulations and must regains its sovereignty. 


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