European Union is sinking just like Titantic, says FREDERICK FORSYTH


BLAZING June we call it and it is upon us. This one will also feature a blazer – the row with the EU as we seek with diminishing hopes to find a commercial, legal and mercantile modus vivendi to put the seal on our departure from the EU.

In our corner, David Frost; facing him Michel Barnier. The poor Gallic negotiator is bewildered. He cannot understand how one nation can oppose 27 and hope to prevail.

But what he also fails to understand is that over the past five months the landscape has changed completely.

He now stands amid a field of rubble.

Right across the continent every rule and system is breaking down.

The Schengen agreement is dust as COVID-stricken countries reimpose the old borders.

Mutual economic back-up with mega-wealthy Germany as universal bail-out auntie is history.

Like passengers on a sinking liner everyone is fighting for the lifeboats.

At least on Titanic, the band kept playing.

Across the Channel Ode To Joy is well off-key and the orchestra is now a tin whistle.

London has made plain the transition will not be extended.

Add to that a repeated pledge that we will not return to subservience to the EU Court.

If we did, our already drained resources would assuredly be pillaged by biased penalties aimed at bailing out the rest.

It looks like World Trade Organisation rules and so what?

Canada and Australia trade with the EU and prosper without bowing and scraping.

So that will do us nicely.


Sic transit Gloria, said the Romans.

How the mighty are fallen, we echo today.

Up at the top end pedestal after pedestal is now empty as the idols that once graced them come tumbling down, always by their own foolishness.

With the retention of showbiz luvvie Emily Maitlis posing as a journalist, the BBC has abandoned any last pretence to be impartial.

Lord Reith must be spinning like the Red Arrows at Farnborough down there.


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