Feature: Iran’s capital invites residents to participate in painting alleys to liven city mood up


TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) — Districts of Iran’s capital Tehran are joining an experiment of the Municipality to create a more joyful and interactive environment in the city by inviting the residents to participate in the painting of selected alleys.

After a pilot project was carried out in 2019 in ancient Shahr-e Rey, now a district on the southern outskirts of Tehran, the first alley chosen by the authorities was Khosro Qadiani in District 9 close to emblematic Azadi Tower.

Walls were refurbished and then a pattern of squares and rectangles was painted on the floor and walls, as District Mayor Mostafa Mousavi-Lari explained at the inauguration on Nov. 6, 2020 to the Municipality’s official website Shora Online.

Residents’ role in the project was not only choosing between sets of colors they liked for their neighborhood, but also joining in the painting, according to Shora Online.

“This neighborhood is a very good place. It’s very quiet, and there are no quarrels or anything like that,” a resident of the Khosro Qadiani alley told Xinhua, hailing the peaceful ambience there.

Pointing to similar experiences abroad, Pirooz Hanachi, mayor of Tehran, said “the worst city areas” in other countries have been turned into tourist attractions through projects based on color, as reported by the Municipality’s official daily Hamshahri.

“The name of Tehran evokes grey, and using color is the least expensive way to change the mood of the people of the city, especially if the locals participate,” he added.

This project aims to increase the quantity and variety of color in the Iranian capital and “soften a bit the tough conditions of urban life,” Hanachi concluded.

Mousavi-Lari revealed that urban furniture specifically designed for the Kucheh Rangi (Colorful Alley) plan, or Kucheh Dusti (Friendship Alley) plan, will be put into use.

Since the pilot project was inaugurated in Shahr-e Rey, five more district mayors in Tehran have expressed interest in following the example.

Ali Mohammad Saadati, mayor of District 12, announced his district’s intention to take part in the project on Dec. 2, 2020, noting the goal was to “boost the women, children and families’ sense of belonging to the neighborhoods” by having them participate in the project.

Later on, Ali Tavakkoli, mayor of District 19, noted the creation of hope and vitality as other goals of the plan, including a significant impact on the improvement of the residents’ capabilities, especially female artists. Enditem


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