Israel arrests 3 more Hamas leaders in West Bank: Palestinian sources


RAMALLAH, March 26 (Xinhua) — Israeli forces on Friday arrested in the West Bank three more leaders of Hamas, ruling party of Gaza, according to Palestinian sources close to the movement.

The sources told Xinhua that the Israeli forces arrested the three Hamas leaders, Hatem Qafisha, Eisa al-Jabari and Mazen al-Natsheh, from their homes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, a non-governmental organization which was established in 1993 to support political prisoners in Israeli jails, said in a statement that the Israeli forces arrested two Hamas leaders in the West Bank.

The two senior Hamas leaders, Jamal al-Taweel and Bajes Nakhla, were arrested from their homes near Ramallah in the West Bank, according to the statement.

There has been no immediate Israeli comment yet on the arrests of the five senior Hamas leaders in the West Bank.

Raids by Israeli forces take place frequently across the West Bank, including in the areas under Palestinian Authority’s control. The Israeli army says such raids are aimed at searching for wanted Palestinians. Enditem


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