It’s a submarine? NO, IT’S A TANK! Russian troops drive T-72 on riverbed (VIDEO)


Russia’s tried-and-tested T-72 main battle tank has undergone numerous modifications over the decades, with the latest update turning it into a submersible, as seen in impressive footage from the Defense Ministry.

The spectacular stunt, which saw a T-72B3 crossing a 5-meter-deep (16.4 feet) river, was performed during drills outside the city of Orenburg in Ural region, on the border between Europe and Asia.

The clip captures the 41-ton (90,400 pounds) tank disappearing underwater before safely emerging on the opposite bank to continue executing its combat task.

In order to become a submersible, the machine was equipped with a “special air duct” so the crew could breathe during the descent, the MoD said.

Apparently, there was zero visibility at the bottom of the river and the driver could only rely on readings from his dashboard, while avoiding stops and sharp turns. 

The T-72 is a principal Soviet-designed battle tank which has been around since the early 1970s. The T-72B3 upgrade in 2016 gave the tank explosive reactive armor, a gun capable of firing guided missiles, a powerful new engine, automatic transmission, and digital displays.

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