Kate is ‘quietly getting on’ with her work – doing a ‘fantastic’ job in supporting Queen


KATE, Duchess of Cambridge, is “quietly getting on with a good job” and supporting the Queen in a “fabulous” fashion, a royal expert told Express.co.uk.

Kate has started 2020 with a bang, carrying out several engagements and launching a groundbreaking survey. And according to a royal expert the Duchess of Cambridge is doing so in a “quiet” fashion while other members of the Royal Family are involved in scandals or crises. 

Royal author Hugo Vickers told Express.co.uk: “She is quietly getting on with a good job, doing most interesting things and is certainly busy.

“I agree that we have seen more of her recently than in the past.”

Speaking about what most likely drives Kate, Mr Vickers added: “I am sure she would wish to do what the Royal Family do best and support The Queen.”

The Duchess of Cambridge seems to have stepped up her work, with a much fuller diary than the past years and more initiatives carried out by herself, without the support of Prince William. 

And she is doing so very well, the royal expert understands.

He said: “The opinion amongst the people I talk to is that she is doing a fabulous job.”

One of the reasons why Kate is seemingly carrying out more engagements this year could be linked to the fact that she isn’t on a maternity leave, contrary to what happened in 2013, 2015 and 2018, Mr Vickers said. 

He continued: “Remember that she has been on maternity leave three times and she isn’t now.”

But other experts also claimed the Duchess of Cambridge is showing a growing “confidence” which may have helped her become a more prominent and active royal with the passing of the years.

Body language expert, Judi James, analysed Kate’s behaviour during a reception held at Buckingham Palace to mark the UK-Africa International Summit.    

She told Express.co.uk: “Like the Queen, Kate’s signature charisma involves continuity, meaning she tends to provide unchanging body language that is always upbeat, smiling and professional.

“Her royal hosting role does also involve some increased signals of confidence.

“Walking into the reception Kate drops her clutch bag to her side to walk with her arms hanging rather than using the bag as a barrier.

“And when she stands next to William there is some splaying of the feet, which would signal a slight rise in feelings of authority and status.” 

In January, Kate travelled across the UK to launch and promote a nationwide survey focused on the early years of life of children, how they are perceived by adults and help create “lasting change for generations to come”.

The survey, called Five Big Questions, asks participants for their opinion on what influences development and what period of childhood is most important for children’s happiness.

The survey, launched on January 22, has been welcomed by Britons, and thousands of people have already taken part in it. 

During a visit to Stockwell Gardens Nursery and Pre-School on January 29, Kate herself revealed that more than 100,000 people had already answered the five questions.

In 2018, the Duchess carried out a total of 87 engagements.

Last year, Kate worked 58 days and carried out a total of 126 engagements.  


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