Man ‘kicked down door to ex-girlfriend’s apartment and shot mum-of-five dead in bed’


A man allegedly stormed into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and shot her dead while she lay in bed with her daughter.

Cedgadrick Harris turned himself into to Houston Police on Monday following the July 17 shooting.

The 24-year-old is accused of killing Kimberley Robinson, a 28-year-old mother of five from Houston.

Her youngest daughter Harmony was treated for shrapnel wounds the four-year-old received while lying next to her mother.

At the time of the killing Kimberley’s four other children were downstairs.

Harris turned up at Kimberley’s apartment at 4.20am last Friday, investigators have said.

After kicking down her front door he entered her bedroom.

The suspect allegedly shot six bullets into the room, killing the mother and leaving her daughter with graze wounds, KHOU11 reported.

The young girl was treated at Texas Children’s Hospital.

One of Kimberley’s children, a 10-year-old girl, called for help after the shooting.

The victim had taken out a protective order against Harris in November 2019, court records show.

And a month ago she had reported a domestic violence incident involving her ex-boyfriend, Houston Police Sgt Michael Casso told ABC.

Her mum Janet Robinson explained how a month ago Kimberley had decided not to reconcile with Harris.

“When I think about it, she had to have been living in constant fear and she didn’t want us to know,” she told KHOU11.

One neighbour told ABC: “I was just praying she was OK.

“You know, hopefully nothing bad happened to her or the kids, but I knew somebody got hurt.”


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