Ozark plot hole: Fans spot fatal flaw in Marty and Wendy’s casino plan – did you spot it?


OZARK fans watched as Marty and Wendy Byrde’s criminal ways took several dark turns in season three of the Netflix series. However, some fans have spotted a handful of plot holes with their storyline.

Marty (played by Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) upped their game in the third season of Ozark on Netflix as they faced obstacle after obstacle in their money-laundering operation. One of their first challenges was to expand their casino business front by snapping up a rival establishment. However, a huge error in the plan to do so has left some viewers scratching their heads.

Marty and Wendy spotted a perfect opportunity to expand their business by purchasing another casino located on the river.

Owned by Carl Knarlson (Adam LeFevre) and wife Anita (Marceline Hugot), the Big Muddy Casino was earmarked as a failing business by the Byrdes and, therefore, an easy opportunity to capitalise.

However, they didn’t take into account how much the casino meant to owner Carl.

The Byrdes met with Anita and Carl without revealing they owned a rival casino up the river and made a more than generous offer.

Despite his wife’s pleas to sell up, Carl saw the sentimental value in the property as priceless.

This put an even bigger strain on the already tense marriage but the Byrdes weren’t going to stop there.

In order to plummet the value of the business even further, Frank Cosgrove Jr (Joseph Sikora) sabotaged the Knarlson’s firework display, leaving hundreds of lives in danger on behalf Marty Byrde.

Unbeknownst to Marty, Wendy had already secured a deal in principle thanks to the help of Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer).

Anita suddenly had a change of heart after the attack and joined her husband in his stance not to sell.

However, Wendy wasn’t to be defeated and took matters into her own hands.

Along with some tech know-how from Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), Wendy rinsed the casino’s slots for all their worth.

Noticing the money bleeding out of the machines, Anita and Carl finally gave in.

While some fans have pointed out an error in the fact the Knarlsons shouldn’t have legally paid out if they suspected foul play, it isn’t the only plot hole in the scheme.

Taking to Reddit, an Ozark fan by the username of califomia explained there was another questionable feature.

They explain: “How didn’t the other casino know Marty owned a casino?

“When Marty convinces the casino owner across the water, how doesn’t that guy know Marty owns it?

“Marty was all over TV and just opened up a huge casino. How doesn’t their competitor know who he is?”

It does seem like a huge gap in Carl’s knowledge to not know who is rival would be.

Especially considering there were only a handful of casinos in the local area and surely a big new opening would have caught their eye.

Not only that, but the Byrdes had a major law regarding casinos changed – would Carl and Anita not have picked up on this?


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