Queen Elizabeth At Risk For Coronavirus After Buckingham Palace Staff Tests Positive

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly at risk for the deadly coronavirus after one of her staff at Buckingham Palace tested positive.

According to The Sun, Her Majesty’s staff tested positive for coronavirus before the monarch left for Windsor Castle. The Queen is on self-quarantine there with her husband, Prince Philip.

“The worker tested positive before the Queen left for Windsor. But the Palace has 500 members of staff so, like any workplace, it’s not inconceivable it would be affected in some stage,” the source said.

When asked to comment on the staff’s diagnosis, a spokesperson for the palace said that they don’t disclose personal information about individual members of their staff.

“In line with the appropriate guidance and our own processes, we have taken the necessary actions to protect all employees and people involved,” the spokesperson said.

The Queen also made headlines this week after it was confirmed that her statement on the coronavirus outbreak will no longer be televised due to health concerns.

On “Heir Pod,” royal commentator Victoria Arbiter said that there two possible reasons why the television address was canceled. She said that there is a real sense that the people need to keep the airwaves clear for experts, doctors, and the Prime Minister.

“This was a way to get the message out there – it could be printed on newspapers, posted on social media, read out on broadcast. It could reach a huge number of people without taking away airtime. It is inevitable that at some stage she will address the nation. I hope it is not because things have gotten considerably worse but that we are coming out the other side,” she said.

Arbiter went on to say that she thinks the decision that was made to scrap the Queen’s address was purely practical. The royals don’t also want to overstretch their resources. Additionally, they also want to limit the number of people that will get close to the Queen since she’s vulnerable to get hit by the coronavirus.

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