Quesadilla vendor in Botswana making a name for himself


GABORONE, March 29 (Xinhua) — Botswana’s street food industry has mostly grounded to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the middle of Block 9 residence in Gaborone, Otsile Ramosamo is offering his growing clientele with a mouth-watering quesadilla.

Ramosamo runs a one-man business going by the name Fushion Quesadillas. The business has been operating since September last year, and it is fast taking the market by storm even through this difficult time of COVID-19.

He said that hunger forced him to come up with something that could put food on the table for him after losing his job in 2019.

It was then that Ramosamo decided to tap into his skills gained over the years after working at some of the leading restaurants in Gaborone. He points out that during the years that he was employed, he had a front row seat to what was happening in the kitchen. This he says makes his job very easy.

“I started this business after realizing that I had the skills. I have experience in customer service after working as a barista and bartender. I also have a qualification in hospitality operation from the Gaborone Technical College,” the 35-year-old vendor tells Xinhua.

Initially, Ramosamo started off with less than twenty wraps, which he makes at home every day. As the demand grew, he doubled the volume of the wraps. Now, he makes close to eighty wraps each day with two flavors, beef and chicken.

Through hard work and dedication, he has managed to recover the initial capital which he used to start the business. He further explains that a single quesadilla is 17 pula (about 1.5 U.S. dollars) and on a good day he earns about 1,300 pula.

Ramosamo intends to open another branch in the city to cater to his growing clients. Enditem


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