Royal snub: Vulnerable female prisoners ‘yet to hear from Meghan’ after sending letters


MEGHAN MARKLE has gained herself a legion of fans since joining the Royal Family, and female prisoners told a stunned Duchess of Cornwall that they have been writing to Prince Harry’s “inspirational” wife.

Camilla was visiting HMP Downview in south London to meet with chefs, seamstress and photographic shop workers, to hear how outside companies are working with staff to improve the lives of inmates. Once inside the prison library, Camilla chatted to the organisers of the Penned Up literary festival, which is in its second year at Downview.

A prisoner told Camilla: “A lot of the people who have joined Penned Up have been incarcerated too.

“It’s good for ladies like us to see that so that when we go back out into the public we can succeed.

“When we write to these people we’re trying to get people who will inspire us.

“One was Meghan – so we can aim high.”

Although the women have admitted that they are yet to hear back from Meghan, according to the Evening Standard, who has been busy starting her new “independent’ life over in Canada.

The prison has one of Europe’s biggest female wing housing, with more than 200 prisoners out of a population of 300.

The inmates are not the only ones wanting to talk with the Duchess of Sussex, as Hollywood stars are lining up for a chat with Meghan.

An insider has revealed to Heat magazine that Jennifer Aniston AND Angelina Jolie have been plotting ways to befriend the Duchess.

The source said: “Both Jen and Ange want to spend time with Meghan and Harry once she’s in LA, which means they’re essentially rivals again and they’re both willing to put the boot into each other.”

“Virtually the whole of Hollywood wants to befriend them, so in some ways, it’s not surprising Jen and Angie are planning to make a beeline for them,” the source confessed.

After a video circulated of Prince Harry speaking to Disney chief Bob Iger about getting his wife a voiceover deal, it became apparent that Meghan is keen to return to her showbiz roots.

“Jennifer figures she’s got way more pulling power since she can open doors for Meghan with TV or movie roles.

“She’s also hoping they’d be wooed by the thought of hanging out with her impressive roster of A-list friends – including Brad Pitt of course,” a source told Heat.

“Whereas Angelina is banking on Meghan being more interested in charity work, and that’s where she can help more than anyone else in Hollywood.

“Not only has she got a lot of influence at the UN, but she can also help make introductions to a ton of non-profit groups that she’s confident will appeal to Meghan and Harry.”

Twitter users were conflicted over this new blossoming friendship, as they took to the site to share their views.

One said: If some think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are like a plague that many would want to avoid, think again. #princeharryandmeghan

Another replied: “Wow! Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston? Ahh, Meghan, just remember Prince Harry was “obsessed” with her”


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