Royal split: Meghan chose to ‘let the mask slip and tell it like it is’, friend clams


MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry’s close friend and royal correspondent Tom Bradby has given a new insight into the fragile state of mind the Sussexes were in prior to releasing their shock departure statement online.

In a new documentary released on ITV, ‘Harry and Meghan Markle: A Royal Crisis’, Mr. Bradby, a journalist, and novelist, candidly revealed that Meghan often in day to day life wears a “game face” to protect herself. However, based on her previous behaviour that he has witnessed from interviewing the former Hollywood actress, she pulled the “curtain back” to reveal her true nature to him.“When she has her game face on, like even the interviews earlier in the trip. the demeanour was totally different,” recalls Mr Bradby of interviewing her for “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey”, last October. 

“It was almost as if the curtain was pulled back,” says Mr Bradby of Meghan’s ability to quickly change between moods.

Mr Bradby has been close to the Royal Family for several years and was the first person to carry out the official interview of Kate and Prince William after their engagement announcement.

Only last October, Mr Bradby had interviewed the Sussexes for the explosive ITV documentary, “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey”, that detailed their struggles being in the public eye.

Meghan admitted to Mr. Bradby at the time that she was “not really ok.” with the intense pressure she felt like a royal.

Mr. Bradby in his interview with Ship makes reference to that particular admission from Meghan, by going on to reveal that he believes they felt “pressured” to release their statement last week.

On the recollection of his experience of interviewing Meghan last year, Mr. Bradby notes that perhaps Meghan was not thinking of the consequences that she would face in the near future

“For the next 5 minutes I’m going to tell it like it is, and what happens as a result of that happens,” said Mr. Bradby of her heartfelt confessional to him.

This included the revelation that she was feeling “really vulnerable” as a new mum, and struggling with the media intrusion to her life.

In last night’s ITV Harry and Meghan Markle: A Royal Crisis, Mr. Bradby went on to reveal his overall shock at hearing that the royal couple were considering splitting their time across England and North America, as they seek to be “financially independent’ from the crown.

He goes on to speculate their intentions behind the hastily dropped bombshell that blindsided the royal family, including the Queen, adding: “My best guess is they wanted that to be a pressure release valve.”

When asked by presenter and interviewer Chris Ship whether the statement released by The Sussex Royal Instagram account was perhaps a “warning shot” to the royal family, Mr Bradby responded with sheer disbelief.

He continued: “I don’t think they thought about it.”

“That implies a degree of calculation that I don’t think is there.”

“I think it was like we’re finding this situation really difficult, we’ve got to say something because the pressure’s building up inside us. “

It has definitely been a tough week for the royal couple who have had to face vast amounts of criticism about their decision to take a step back from royal duties.

Many have questioned their true intentions to stop receiving money from Charles’ estate and seemingly go it alone.

Especially after leaked trademark plans show their ambition to make “Sussex Royal” a brand that includes beer, luggage, and toiletries.

Experts have already predicted that any future move the pair embark on will generate millions worth of revenue, meanwhile, they are still requesting to keep their taxpayer-funded security detail.

It has lead to many questions from the public about exactly how they will fund their future lifestyle, splitting time across North America and the UK.

A partner from law firm Mishcon de Reya and expert in intellectual property Sally Britton has questioned the extent that the Queen will allow them to freely cash in on their brand.

She told the Guardian: ‘They clearly have a successful brand. The question is whether the Queen will permit them to continue to use ‘royal’ and the crown in their logo or if they intend to attempt to continue to use it internationally regardless of her wishes.

‘There could be a rebrand for the Sussexes but they could also create a very interesting development regarding the future role of the monarchy and its funding.’


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