Russia opposes EU politicization of human rights


MOSCOW, March 26 (Xinhua) — The Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday that it strongly opposes the European Union’s politicization of human rights.

“The EU continues to pursue a policy of illegal, unilateral sanctions, which contradicts international law,” the ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova said at her weekly briefing commenting on the EU position on human rights.

The EU’s path is “destructive” and leads to chaos in international affairs and aggravates confrontation in interstate relations, she noted.

The spokesperson pointed out the hypocrisy of EU human rights policies, which largely ignore the human rights problems confronting its member states.

“It is important to strive towards developing a common approach to human rights issues in all countries, one without double standards, where a country’s cultural values, traditions, diversity and own development path are respected,” Zakharova said. Enditem


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