Spis Knights win fourth in row in Slovak Basketball League


BRATISLAVA, March 27 (Xinhua) — The league-leading Spis Knights are currently boasting the best form in the Slovak basketball premiership SBL after their fourth consecutive victory, edging out Iskra Svit 103-95 on Saturday.

In the regional derby between two teams from the north of Slovakia, the Spis Knights were hosted by fourth-ranked Iskra Svit, which lost only three home games this season. Svit confirmed the pre-game expectations and was the better team in the first period but the Knights gradually improved and dominated to the next two to build a sufficient lead.

After losing the top spot to the Spis Knights in the previous round, the Levice Patriots intended to do everything in their power to return to the coveted position. The Saturday fixture in fifth-ranked Lucenec offered a solid opportunity to stay neck and neck with the Knights and the Patriots made the best of it, taking the lead early on and never surrendering it.

If bottom-ranked MBK Banik Handlova wanted to retain a small hope of making it into the play-offs, it had to defeat its only rival BC Prievidza. On the other hand, the visitors only had to confirm their favorable position and better overall performance this season to put an almost definite seal on their playoff spot.

Prievidza built an 8-point lead in the first outing and managed to hold on to it until the third period when things started to look better for the home team. Handlova took the lead and strived to nurture it until the end but Prievidza rallied in the final period to take home the 80-74 victory in the end. Enditem


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