Strong winds, dust storms kill 160,000 livestock in S. Mongolia


ULAN BATOR, March 29 (Xinhua) — At least 160,000 livestock — mostly sheep and goats — have died in the southern Mongolian province of Dundgovi due to the strong winds and heavy dust storms that hit large parts of Mongolia on March 14, according to the provincial governor’s office.

“Our province suffered the most loss during the strong winds and heavy dust storms,” Lkhagvasuren Dorjbat, head of the office, said during an online fundraising concert on Monday to help nomadic herders.

“Nine people aged 13-81 lost their lives in the province due to the natural disaster,” he added.

In addition, 230,000 animals are still missing, and around 150 yurts and 70 roofs were taken down by the storms, he said.

As a result of the dust storms, sand drifts that are 20-90 cm thick were formed in the province, and there is now no grass for livestock to eat, Dorjbat said.

Mongolia, one of the last nomadic countries in the world, has four seasons. Strong winds, dust and snow storms are common in spring. Nearly 40 percent of the country’s nomadic population live on animal husbandry. Enditem


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