UK weather forecast: Britain BATTERED by rain and thunderstorms as fog settles in North


BRITONS should prepare for heavy showers across the North East on Friday as households across the UK prepare for heavy thunderstorms.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Friday for the coastline stretching from Newcastle to Scarborough. The warning was issued yesterday, and holds that the terrible downpour will last until 2PM on Friday.

Alex Deakin, meteorologist at the Met Office, gave the warning of “heavy showers” and thunderstorms around parts of the UK.

But he also said that the temperature will begun to feel “humid” across many parts of the UK, with some light breeze picking up over Friday.

He said: “It’s low pressure dominating, but it’s sitting to the south of the UK, and not moving very far.

“The winds spiralling from the North Sea, bringing a fresher feel (in the Midlands and North), and this weather front doesn’t look much but it’s going to really bring quite a wet night over parts of North East England.”

Mr Deakin continues: “The rain continuing to feed in to the East of the Pennines where we could see 30 to 40mm of rain.

“Maybe 60 or 70 in one or two spots over the hills, and that kind of rain could cause a few issues.

“There’s potential for a bit of local flooding, and certainly can make for some bleak conditions on the roads.

“So there is a yellow warning enforced.”

But most of England can expect “a few showers” early into the day, with many seeing a “dry start” to Friday.

However, the South may see a risk of thunder rolling in from the North throughout the day.

The Met Office also holds that there will be extensive low cloud and coastal fog throughout parts of the East.

Midday Friday will see some heavy rain moving in from Cornwall across the South West and into the South East.

Briton’s in these areas can expect a soaking midday as up to 4 to 8mm of rain per hour will fall across the South throughout lunchtime Friday.

But this is expected to clear quickly: The Met Office sees that by 4PM the rain will clear out.

Saturday sees a massive improvement, with the North East’s warnings mostly cleared and temperatures steadily rising.

Most places in the UK will be having some warm and sunny spells, but also some heavy showers around, particularly in the north and west, will remain.

It will also be cooler, dull and misty around the North Sea coasts.

But the South will seem to enjoy temperatures up to 22C in London at midday Saturday, with the North still having a relatively cool 14C.


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