Waitress left in tears by customer’s gesture after being out of work for months


A waitress broke down in tears after receiving a huge tip from a customer after months of being out of work due to the coronavirus crisis.

Katie Taylor was able to return to her job at a pub in Indiana, US, and finished serving one diner before presenting her with the bill of about £27.

Little did she know that the customer named Heather Hotrum was also a waitress taking part in a ‘pay if forward’ social media trend which challenges people to raise money and leave generous tips for staff affected by the pandemic.

Katie had been nominated as a deserving candidate by a friend and found that when she collected the modest bill she was also handed over a huge tip of about £260 as a thank you.

Customer Heather filmed the emotional moment she counted the cash into Katie’s hands as both begin to cry, with the waitress explaining she’s been desperate to buy some new shoes for work, as reported by News.com.au.

Heather shared the emotional clip with the caption: “I tried so so so dang hard not to cry!! I couldn’t hold it back!! PSA: grab a tissue!!”

She said she was “overjoyed” to see what the gesture had meant to Katie, and thanked everyone who had donated to make it happen.

The ‘Venmo Challenge’ – named after a money sharing platform in the US – was posted on Facebook, where one commented: “Omg I got tears and chills too, I love this.”

Another said: “I got all teary eyed. That really hit me in my feels.”

Katie has now revealed in an interview with a local TV station that she plans on helping others who have been struggling.

She said: “Be the most understanding, the kindest, most generous person you can be because everyone is struggling; and if you are in the position to help others, don’t hesitate to do that.”

Katie added the gesture left her in complete “shock” – and has now purchased the shoes she needed for work.


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