White couple do Nazi salute after chasing Mexican woman and her black boyfriend


A white couple did a Nazi salute and yelled ‘only white lives matter’ at a Mexican women and her black boyfriend.

The man and woman followed Itzel Lopez and her boyfriend in a truck as they drove home from a birthday meal in Torrance, outside Los Angeles.

The vehicle followed on behind them for several miles before overtaking and stopping at traffic lights.

According to Ms Lopez the white couple sprang out of the car and began directing racist slurs their way.

In a video of the incident the woman can be heard shouting ‘white lives matter b***h’.

She swears before saying ‘only white lives matter’.

The camera then pans to the man who slaps his left shoulder with his right hand before raising it in a Nazi salute.

Ms Lopez’s boyfriend can be heard saying ‘that’s white power’ before the couple get back in their car momentarily.

The woman reappears with a phone and begins filming the other couple.

The man then walks towards the vehicle containing Ms Lopez and her boyfriend with a pole, which he uses to strike their car.

The attack prompts them to quickly drive away.

Following the encounter Ms Lopez told KTLA : “They were being really mean and racist.”

She added: “We want to get justice because it’s not right. I don’t want them to just go freely and continue to do this to someone else.”

It was announced earlier this week that an American couple who pointed guns at peaceful Black Lives Matters protesters have been charged.

The St Louis attorney has confirmed charges have been filed against Mark and Patricia McCloskey in the Missouri city.

The pair, both aged in their sixties, were pictured standing outside their home holding guns in the June 28 incident.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced she is charging each of the couple with felony unlawful use of a weapon for displaying guns during the protest outside their mansion.

The couple, who are both personal injury attorneys, also each face a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault.


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