Wishful thinking? Russia will NOT see a second wave of coronavirus, says Ministry of Health


While the world fears a second wave of Covid-19, Russia does not expect a significant increase in the number of infections in the autumn, according to the Ministry of Health’s chief infectious disease specialist.

Vladimir Chulanov explained that the ministry does not “expect a significant rise,” but warned that conditions will be created for the spread of airborne infections when students return to schools and universities, and when workers go back into the office after months of working from home.

“It’s more accurate to speak not about a second wave, but about a possible rise in infections during the period of seasonal increase in acute respiratory diseases,” Chulanov said.

On Friday, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko forecasted that all coronavirus measures would be lifted by February 2021, after the “formation of herd immunity.”

According to official data, Russia has had 806,720 confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of July 25, with 13,192 deaths. 5,871 people were diagnosed in the last 24 hours. In comparison to the rest of the world, Russia has the fourth-highest total number of infections, behind the US (4,113,420), Brazil (2,287,475), and India (1,337,024).

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