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Labs in Wuhan: Yes, we had diseased bats, but they didn’t have COVID-19


The director of the virology laboratory in Wuhan, China, which members of the Trump administration have accused of causing the coronavirus pandemic, says they worked on three live strains of bat coronavirus, but none of them matched the COVID 19 strain, the Guardian says.

Wang Yani spoke on Sunday on Chinese channel CGTN, saying the COVID-19 strain had only a 79.8 percent match rate with the bat viruses they had been working on last winter. “Our institute received the first clinical sample of the unknown pneumonia on December 30 last year,” she said, “We didn’t know about it before, nor had we ever encountered, researched or kept the virus. In fact, like everyone else, we did not even know the virus existed. How could it have escaped from our lab if we never had it?”


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