10 Best New iPad Air Cases


As with any new Apple product, the recent release of the iPad Air has seen a wave of third-party accessories inundate the market. Here’s a roundup of some of the best new cases for your touchscreen darling.


“Extremely thoughtful” is how Belkin’s website describes the design of this carry-case. With a hard outer shell but soft inner lining (you’d be forgiven for mistaking the thing for a character in a Dreamworks film) the best feature of this case is the expandable storage pocket for your accessories. [Amazon]


It might look like an ultra-fashionable accessory, but don’t let this sleek design fool you. This Proporta case/stand is hardcore. A metal lining under a leather cover? This is the most heavy metal case on the market. I’m surprised it doesn’t sport studs and an Iron Maiden logo. [Amazon]



The Paradox Lux comes in black or red, and boasts several viewing positions for your iPad Air on account of its origami-inspired design. Just don’t try and fold it into a swan. Your tablet won’t fold that way (yet). [Amazon]


This nifty little stand will rotate to display your iPad horizontally, or vertically, or indeed anywhere on a 360-degree axis due to its novel design. So, if you’ve ever wanted to watch Netflix at an unusual angle, the is the case for you. Comes in several seasonal shades, supposedly inspired by autumn and winter catwalk trends — if you’re into that kind of thing, great. [Amazon]


The Kensington KeyFolio is a soft, nurturing contraption. Rubberised keys provide a squidgy buffer to lovingly caress your iPad screen when closed, and the luxurious sheepskin cover offers your hands a much comfier experience than that hard tablet’s shell. It’s even spill-proof. [Amazon]



This luxury sleeve gives you the ultimate in businesslike tablet protection. Your iPad Air won’t touch anything but the finest wool felt, and will be secured in style thanks to the snazzy strap across the front. There’s even a pocket for business documents, personal letters, your collection of magazine clippings of Prince Harry… Whatever you like to carry around.  [Amazon]


At just 20.1mm thick and weighing just 425g, this is one of the sleekest cases around. One great feature is that the standard QWERTY layout has been retained, so you won’t need to re-train your poor little fingers to touch-type a different way. [Amazon]


Sporting a design that’s more Pokédex than portfolio, the Aegis is one of those “we dare you to damage your iPad” cases. With a layer of shock-absorbing silicone, a layer of hardened polycarbonate (and probably an adamantium skeleton) it’ll keep your tablet safe from most natural disasters. [Amazon]


Despite its cartoonish Companion Cube exterior, the Survivor is a brute. Tested to US Military durability standards (which probably involve a bunch of marines playing basketball with it or something), the case can protect your iPad from a plethora of environmental dangers. [Amazon]


Carbon fibre is one of those go-to materials if you want to make something sound tough. Remember Avatar‘s Na’vi? Naturally-occurring carbon fibre in their bones. It’s the same principle here — with carbon fibre armour skin, how could your iPad ever suffer damage? In truth, though, this case will give your tablet some heavy protection without making it uncomfortably bulky. [Amazon]

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