A 3-year-old homicide victim might have recovered if she had received prompt treatment, according to the District Attorney.


A 3-year-old homicide victim could have recovered if she had received prompt treatment, according to the District Attorney.

The Northumberland County district attorney has raised the possibility that Arabella Parker could have survived if she had received immediate treatment for her head injuries.

District Attorney Tony Matulewicz said Tuesday in his opening statement in the trial of Jahrid Josef Burgess, 21, that children can recover from head injuries if they are treated quickly.

Burgess is charged with the murder of Samantha Jo Delcamp’s daughter two years ago.

According to the prosecutor, 49 minutes passed before 911 was dialed, and Geisinger Medical Center personnel were ready to treat a seizure patient rather than a head injury patient.

According to Matulewicz, the brain injury was not discovered until a CAT scan was performed, which further delayed much-needed treatment.

The toddler remained in a coma until November, when she died.

22nd of February, 2019.

On October 1, Jahrid Josef Burgess, 19, is escorted from the Northumberland County Courthouse.

25th of this year.

Burgess is accused of killing Arabella on Oct.

10 in the home he shared with Delcamp near Trevorton.

He claimed Parker had a seizure after falling from her chair at a children’s table.

Burgess is accused of becoming enraged with Parker and grabbing her by the throat, pinning her against a wall, and throwing her toward a couch.

Instead, she fell to the ground.

Delcamp pleaded with Burgess to dial 911 several times, but he instead dialed his mother, Christy Lynn Willis, 52, of Sunbury, Matulewicz said.

He noted that 911 was not called for a reported seizure until after she arrived at the residence.

He claims that if Geisinger had known it would be receiving a patient with a head injury, it would have prepared a trauma team.

In his opening statement, defense attorney Richard Feudale stated that Arabella’s death was caused by a series of events and that Burgess had no intention of killing her.

He questioned Delcamp’s credibility, claiming she is looking for a plea deal in exchange for her cooperation.

She described the abuse Burgess inflicted on her and her family to a jury of seven men and five women in the afternoon.

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