A Big Galaxy Fold 2 Leak Tells Us All About the Phone’s Display and Design


It’s been nine months since Samsung managed to get the Galaxy Fold out into the world, and ever since people have been speculating about what a follow-up device might involve. We’ve already had a design shake-up with the Galaxy Z Flip, but there’s still word on a proper second generation Fold. But what should we expect? A new leak, if legit, could shed a lot of light on the device.

The key thing about this Galaxy Fold 2 is that it will have a similar design to the original Fold, making it a proper follow-up and not just Samsung trying something new. This leak claims that we’ll wind up with a 7.7-inch unfolded display, alongside a 6.23-inch display on the outer cover- an upgrade from the 7.3-inch and 4.6-inch displays from the original.

As you can see in the above image (via ET News), the inner display is set to rock a 120Hz refresh rate, while the exterior will stick with the regular 60Hz that we see on most other phones. Oddly, however, this document suggests that there will be a hole-punch camera on both screens while the illustrations seem to indicate bezels and display notches as well. Shouldn’t that be one or the other?

Plus, as was the case with the Z Flip, Samsung is scrapping the plastic flexible screen in favour of a foldable glass cover – though hopefully they’re continuing to make improvements. The Z Flip had a better display than the original Fold, but it still proved to be prone to scratches and rippling.

Past leaks have pegged the Fold 2 for an August launch (alongside the Note 20), a significant camera upgrade, and the prospect of a cheaper model to boost sales – because nobody wants to spend two grand on a phone, let alone one made with still-unproven tech. Then again leaks also suggested it would have an under-screen camera, which wouldn’t be the case if the newest leak is to be believed. That’s the problem with leaks, you can’t trust any of them.

We’ll bring you more on the Galaxy Fold 2 as we hear it. [ET News via Slashgear]


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