A booby-trapped sausage laced with pills is being distributed to dog owners.


A booby-trapped sausage laced with pills has been issued to dog owners.

A concerned dog walker in the Bishopbriggs area made the alarming discovery on Wednesday night, and pet owners are being advised to keep their dogs on leads.

A sausage laced with pills was discovered on the street, and dog owners have been warned.

A local dog walker discovered the body on Wednesday, January 12 around 9 p.m. in the BishopbriggsAuchinairn area, near Strathkelvin Avenue off Auchinairn Road.

It appears that the sick person who left the sausage cut it open and stuffed the pills inside before holding it together with cocktail sticks.

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A post on the Bishopbriggs notice board on Facebook has advised dog owners in the G64 postcode area to keep an eye out and keep their dogs on a leash in case more items have been left in the area.

The booby-trapped sausage was discovered by a dog walker, who safely removed it from the street.

Scotland’s Police Force has been contacted for comment.

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