A cop from the ‘Gainesville Ripper’ reveals seven clues that led to the capture of the ‘Scream’ killer, including the teen’s HEAD on a shelf.


A cop from the ‘Gainesville Ripper’ reveals seven clues that led to the arrest of the ‘Scream’ murderer, including the teen’s HEAD on a shelf.

A RETIRED cop who played a key role in apprehending the real-life serial killer who inspired the film Scream says the “heinous” murder spree still haunts him after more than three decades.

Don Maines, now 70 years old, was a special agent in late August 1990, when the so-called Gainesville Ripper brutally murdered five students near the University of Florida campus over four terrifying days.

The horrific murder spree began on the evening of August 24, just days before the start of the fall semester, when a crazed killer broke into the Williamsburg Apartments complex home of UF freshmen Christina Powell, 17, and Sonja Larson, 18.

The murderer had broken into the teens’ apartment via a back door in the dead of night, using a screwdriver and a knife to pry it open.

He snuck into the apartment and found Powell sleeping on the downstairs couch, briefly standing over her before heading upstairs.

Larson was sleeping in her bed when he got there.

To silence her screams, the killer taped her mouth shut.

After that, he raped her and killed her with a stabbing.

Just moments later, an unsuspecting Powell met the same tragic end.

Her mouth was taped shut and her hands were bound behind her back as the killer ripped her clothes off.

Powell was raped and then thrown to the ground, where she was fatally stabbed five times in the back.

Powell’s parents stopped by her house two days later after becoming concerned that they couldn’t reach her.

When no one answered the door, the parents contacted the building’s management, who advised them to wait for the cops.

Larson was found naked and lying on her back on her bed inside.

Her hair was fanned out and her legs were draped over the side of the bed. Her hands were raised above her head.

Powell’s body was discovered in a similar position on the second floor.

The bodies of both victims had also been mutilated.

Powell’s nipples had been surgically removed.

Maines told The Sun that the scene was “gruesome,” and that their killer had posed the two girls’ bodies in a sexually suggestive manner.

Police discovered a paper towel in the kitchen corner with the killer’s ejaculate on it after further investigation of the crime scene.

The suspect had also hidden himself behind the apartment, in the nearby woods.

“It would develop into a pattern later,” the veteran cop told The Sun, “but the heinous way in which the…

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