A girl who escaped the evil Turpin’s “house of horrors” transforms her life into a TikTok sensation.


A girl who escaped the evil Turpin’s “house of horrors” transforms her life into a TikTok sensation.

A GIRL who managed to flee the evil Turpin’s “house of horrors” has become a TikTok sensation.

Jordan Turpin has transformed her life since escaping the “hellish” family home in California, where thirteen children were chained to beds, starved, and beaten by their parents.

Jordan, then 17, broke out a window and told police that her siblings were being abused and that they were living in filth.

Her two younger sisters had been chained to their beds, she told cops.

She was afraid that if her parents found out she had left the house, they would “want to kill her.”

“It was literally a now or never situation,” she told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer about calling 911 while attempting to escape captivity nearly four years ago.

At the very least, if something bad happened to me, I tried.”

Now, the 21-year-old is using social media to make a difference in her life.

Jordan, who has nearly 500,000 TikTok followers, frequently posts dancing videos.

Despite her traumatic childhood, the aspiring dancer has a positive outlook on life, as evidenced by her TikTok bio, which reads, “I love helping others! Love to dance and write songs!”

“To everyone who has followed me or watched my videos, thank you so much,” she expressed her gratitude.

You guys are amazing, and I adore you.

“I’m overjoyed because I’ve now been verified on TikTok.

I’m in the mood to do something exciting.

Thank you so much, guys.”

Her dancing videos have amassed millions of views, and her fans are enthusiastic.

“We must all protect her at all costs!” someone said in her most recent video.

“Jordan went from being one of the bravest girls (and still is) to becoming an internet sensation! God bless you Jordan!!” said another.

“Congratulations on the BLUE!! Hope you and all your siblings and the sister you did the interviews with are doing well!” someone wrote.

The Turpin siblings, who were abused when they were between the ages of two and 29, have previously revealed they lived in appalling conditions and came dangerously close to death.

After pleading guilty to 14 counts of cruelty to an adult-dependent, child cruelty, torture, and false imprisonment, twisted parents David and Louise Turpin were sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The children were allegedly tormented by their evil parents, who left out apple and pumpkin pies.

According to NBC, they also purchased toys for their children but refused to allow them to open them.

The kids were only allowed to shower once a year, according to cops who testified in court.

According to a statement from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office,

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