A man was fatally shot during a hunting accident in Pennsylvania, according to the report.


During a hunting accident in Pennsylvania, a man was fatally shot.

According to reports, a man died Saturday afternoon after being shot by a friend while bear hunting.

According to ErieNewsNow, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is investigating the shooting on Pa.

State Game Lands 197 in Warren County’s Columbus Township.

Gary R Hunt, 64, was shot and killed by a 42-year-old fellow hunter who was not identified, according to ErieNewsNow.

According to the outlet, the pair were out hunting bear shortly after noon when the younger man tripped or slipped while crossing a creek in front of Hunt.

This prompted a nearby hunter to fire a.270 rifle at him, Pa.

Officials from the Game Commission told the news organization.

According to ErieNewNow, Hunt was shot in the abdomen.

When rescuers arrived, Hunt had died from a gunshot wound.

The investigation is still underway.

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