A Sad Gaggle of Protestors Against 5G, Lockdown, and Basic Sanity Have Successfully Embarrassed Themselves


It’s so embarrassing being British sometimes thanks to the small handful of people who see dumb Americans doing things and try to emulate it here, somehow managing to look even more bloody stupid. Than an American. Think about that.

A grand total of 20 people gathered outside New Scotland Yard over the weekend – including some kids that were dragged along to pad out numbers presumably – to protest things. The messaging was a hodgepodge of anti-lockdown and social distancing sentiment, reinforced by some awkward hugging (when will the British learn that hugging is not our forte), as well as some lazily thrown-together placards with hashtags scrawled across them drawing parallels between lockdown and issues of bodily consent, as well as free speech – which doesn’t exist without a number of caveats here in the UK, so it’s not enshrined in the law the same way as it is in America – and of course 5G.

Protesters in London are hugging in front of New Scotland Yard in defiance of #COVID__19 social distancing regulations pic.twitter.com/T38Hqb29Bh

— Barnaby Nerberka (@barnabynerberka) May 2, 2020

Some pillock even managed to get himself arrested, while his buddies shouted about how he’s not doing anything wrong. So these people haven’t even taken the time to familiarise themselves with the emergency coronavirus bill, which explicitly lays out the new powers that have been bestowed upon the police (and promptly abused) that allow them to respond to silly buggers breaking social distancing rules, like gathering in a giant group with people not from your household. By mid-April, 3,200 people had already been issued with fines for breaching lockdown laws, and waving a bit of shoddy cardboard around and shouting “I do not consent” to being arrested doesn’t make you exempt.

Back in the real world, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he’ll be sharing a lockdown exit plan this week, although it won’t be implemented until five key points are met, but given that the government isn’t in the business of giving away free shit to people, I imagine getting everyone back to work is going to be a priority, so we’ll see what Boris has to say about restarting the economy while avoiding a second peak. [Evening Standard]

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