A scorned woman exacts her vengeance on a cheating man by smothering his home and belongings in glitter.


A scorned woman exacts her vengeance on a cheating man by covering his home and belongings in glitter.

After finding out that her boyfriend was messaging other women, she dumped him and poured glitter all over everything he owned.

Jade Butters, 23, spent £15 on 82 tubes of coloured sparkles, which she scattered throughout his home and possessions in the hopes that the millions of tiny pieces would “haunt him for years.”

After calling around while he was out, the enraged nursery nurse stuffed some into his bed, shoes, socks, and all of his clothing pockets.

A dollop went into a money jar, a bottle of dishwashing liquid, the detergent drawer in the washing machine, and even a tube of his toothpaste.

Jade, from Durham, rounded off his humiliation by posting a 39-second video of her glitter binge on the internet.

Some of the women who watched it said they would use Jade’s strategy if their partner cheated on them.

After discovering messages and photos from other girls on her boyfriend’s Apple Watch while playing games on it last month, Jade decided to take action.

“I was on his Apple Watch a few weeks before Christmas and some messages popped up,” she explained.

“I noticed he was texting and sending photos to other girls.”

“I stated.

‘I’m calling it a day and walking away.’

I wasn’t going to put up with it any longer.

“Since I still had a key, we agreed that I’d go get my things while he was at work.”

“I took advantage of the opportunity to disperse the glitter.”

I put some in the top of his toothpaste so that when he brushes his teeth, it all falls out, and it ends up in the washing machine drawer and all of his pockets.

“I stuffed some more in his bedding, hoping it would fall out when he stripped the bed.”

It’ll stay with him for a long time.”

“I know how annoying glitter can be, so I just figured it’d be a great idea to spread it around his house,” she continued.

“I was ecstatic.

When I think about it, I can’t stop grinning.

“I didn’t want to do anything that would cause criminal damage or hurt someone’s feelings; after all, our first couple of years together had been wonderful and we had a good relationship.”

“It was only a harmless prank,” says the narrator.

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