According to the French NGO L’Auberge de Migrants, the UK and France are ‘completely blind’ to the tragedy.


French NGO L’Auberge de Migrants claims that the UK and France are “completely blind” to the tragedy.

A Calais-based humanitarian organization has called the UK and France’s claim that smugglers are primarily to blame for a shipwreck that killed 27 people a “lie.”

According to a Calais-based humanitarian organization, the UK and French governments are “completely blinding themselves” over migrant deaths in the Channel by blaming them on smugglers.

On Wednesday, 27 people died trying to reach the UK in a dinghy from northern France, including three children and a pregnant woman.

The death toll, which was the highest for a single Channel crossing on record, sparked a diplomatic spat between the UK and France over who should be held accountable for the tragedy.

Politicians on both sides responded by blaming people smugglers and promising to prosecute them aggressively.

However, Maya Konforti, general secretary of L’Auberge de Migrants, told me that the claim that smugglers are to blame for the tragic deaths in the Mediterranean is a “lie.”

Smugglers are “ruthless” people who “profit from refugees,” she said, adding that their existence is the result of decisions made by the UK and French governments, as well as wider EU migration policies.

“The only reason they’re here is because the borders are closed and there are walls and patrols everywhere.”

“They respond to a need,” she explained, “the need of refugees to find a safe place to start a new life.”

In connection with the capsizing, five people have been arrested.

At sea, 17 men, seven women, two teenage boys, and one girl perished.

Two people are thought to have survived, an Iraqi and a Somali.

According to the BBC, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin stated that they were recovering from extreme hypothermia and that they would be questioned later.

Ms Konforti blamed authorities for knowing about the dangers at the border but “never doing what was required to avoid this.”

“We knew it was bound to happen, that a boat would capsize or have a hole in it, that the safety patrols would not arrive in time or even be called… the writing was on the wall, and that’s what’s so revolting and so vexing to us.”

The secretary general of the

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French NGO L’Auberge de Migrants claims that the UK and France are “completely blind” to the tragedy.

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Channel deaths: UK and France ‘completely blind’ over tragedy, says French NGO L’Auberge de Migrants

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