According to the police chief, the shooting at a Colorado high school that injured six people should outrage the community.


The shooting at a Colorado high school that injured six people should enrage the community, according to the police chief.

AURORA, Colo. (AP) —

— A drive-by shooting in a park near a suburban Denver high school injured six teenagers Monday, but police said they were all expected to survive.

According to Aurora police chief Vanessa Wilson, the victims, aged 14 to 18, are all students at Aurora Central High School in Aurora, a diverse city east of Denver.

She stated that everyone should be “outraged” by what happened and come forward with any information they may have to assist police in locating the perpetrators.

Wilson asked neighbors and other passers-by to share any videos or photos from phones or home surveillance systems that could assist detectives in identifying the suspects who have yet to be apprehended.

Multiple rounds fired from various guns were discovered at the scene, and she speculated that some of the rounds may have been fired by someone on foot.

According to Wilson, officers assigned to the school were the first to respond to the shooting and used a tourniquet to save the life of one victim.

She later revealed that the student required emergency surgery.

Wilson expressed relief that the students are expected to survive, but she also stated that gun violence is a public health crisis.

“Right now, there is a nationwide violence crisis, and I believe we all need to be aware,” she said.

Children’s Hospital Colorado received three victims of the shooting.

According to spokesperson Caitlin Jenney, they were all in good health and had been reunited with their families.

As staff and police ushered students away from the crime scene, several students hugged each other outside the school.

As they parted ways, others shouted, “Stay safe!”

During lunch, Aariah McClain, a 15-year-old student, said she heard gunshots while walking near the football field.

She began walking toward the school when she heard four shots.

She then went on to say that she had heard “a lot more.”

As she waited outside the school with her father, Harold McClain, for her 14-year-old sister to be dismissed, she said of the shooting, “I was shocked.”

“I work, and we pay taxes to keep these cops here.”

“I’m not sure how this is even possible,” Harold McClain said…

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