Addison Rae Upset Over Troy Zarba Dating Rumors, Claims She Is ‘Losing Friends’


TikTok sensation Addison Rae has claimed her personal life is being harmed by rumors that she is dating Troy Zarba following her breakup with Bryce Hall.

Social media users started pairing them up after Zarba was found posing for a photo at Rae’s home. Rae had also recently revealed she had a crush on Zarba in college.

“I definitely had a crush on Troy when I was in college. I remember when I was scrolling through his page because he was super big at the time,” Rae said during her appearance on Dixie D’Amelio’s YouTube show.

She also revealed though she got a chance to meet Zarba, it was nothing great.

“Before we even met him, we were obsessed with him. We met him, and then we all became really good friends. That’s a thing for anybody though, like, before you meet someone and go ‘oh my gosh I have a crush on them’ and then you meet them and it’s normal,” Rae said.

On Monday, Rae took to Instagram to reveal she is upset with the link-up rumors.

“The fact I’m losing friendships over this makes me so upset,” she commented on a post. 

“I’ve been friends with Troy since August. Did y’all not see my NYC vlog? Haha, also, do y’all not hang out with your friends or should I just not have them?” she wrote.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, Rae had revealed she and Hall have taken a break and remain “friends.”

“There was a lot of times when we were on, we were off, and it was kind of just a confusing situation. Right now we’re just kind of both deciding that there are a lot of things going on in both of our lives that we really need to focus on. At the end of the day, we’re both still wishing the best for each other, and still friends,” she told the outlet.

“Who knows what will happen in the future, I’m kind of just living life day by day. We’re still young, so I’m really not too worried about anything,” she added.


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