Adelaide wine festival organisers apologise for anti-social behaviour


The organisers of a South Australian wine festival have been forced to apologise after guests were seen engaging in disruptive drunken antics during the three-day event.    

Thousands of revellers descended on McLaren Vale Sea And Vines Festival in Adelaide to enjoy the holiday weekend with wine tasting, food and music. 

But what was meant to be a classy event, quickly took a turn, after unruly visitors were spotted urinating on trees, wearing garbage bags and snorting white powder.

Social media footage showed some attendees drenched in red wine while others were covered in mud. 

The South Australian Ambulance service responded to a total of 12 calls at the winery – including ten reports of intoxicated guests, according to The Advertiser. 

Becky Hirst, who runs the Winey Times Facebook, criticised the misconduct, saying it undermined the wineries’ year-long efforts to promote the region. 

‘As a region, I thought we spend the entire year trying to raise our profile as a premium food and wine region? And in one fail swoop, we give it all away this weekend’, she wrote in a scathing Facebook post. 

The Grape, Wine & Tourism Association addressed the controversy in a statement on Monday saying it was aware of the rowdy behaviour. 

‘This year’s Annual Sea and Vines Festival was attended by more than 10,000 visitors with 30 events held over three days. The overwhelming majority of visitors attending the festival were well-behaved and had an enjoyable experience. 

‘However, we are aware of anti-social behaviour by a small number of visitors … and this is unacceptable. Community and patron safety is the key priority for the annual event, and we work closely with the relevant statutory authorities to foster a safe environment’.

The organisation said it will conduct a review of the event to make improvements for future festivals.     

On Sunday, group of unruly attendees who hadn’t quite made it to the festival yet were filmed holding up their bus to relieve themselves on the side of the road.

The video, shared to social media, showed six men either urinating on trees or hunting for a more private spot, while others of the crowded bus watched on.   

Other members of the tour were laughing, or shaking their head in disbelief, as the men went about their business.

‘Why are they weeing so close together?’ one woman shouted, while another claimed they weren’t her friends.

‘I can see all your willies,’ she said.

The video sparked backlash online, with many people expressing their gratitude they chose to avoid the ‘classless’ festival.

‘This is feral and disgusting. I’m so glad I didn’t go to this,’ one woman said.

‘Good to see all these people are keeping it classy…not.’ 

While the wild weather wasn’t ideal for the day, festival goers seemed to relish in the winter chill, simply covering themselves in the black garbage bags before continuing with the festivities.  

A group of women were spotted attempting to protect their hair, makeup and outfits by covering themselves in the bags.

Another woman left a small opening in her garbage bag so she could continue to puff on her cigarette.

Another woman chose to show off her strength on the day, using a marquee to perform a series of pull-ups.  

She was commended by impressed onlookers.  

Meanwhile, another was spotted chatting into a banana, apparently mistaking it for her phone.

Despite the various antics, South Australia Police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia behaviour had been ‘generally pretty good’.

McLaren Vale Sea And Vines Festival runs over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. 


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