Adorable sausage dog called Archie achieves his dream after desperately wanting to be a sheepdog


An adorable sausage dog puppy who desperately wanted to be a sheep dog has become his farm’s unlikely new herding recruit after being given a shot by his owner.

Little dachshund Archie, from Molong in New South Wales’ central west, had previously only watched the other sheep dogs work from his owner Ebony Hewitt’s buggy.

But Ms Hewitt said she decided to give her nine-month-old hound a run because of his exuberance from the passenger seat while watching the other dogs herd sheep.

‘Archie would always come with us and get over-excited like he wanted a turn at working the sheep,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I let him out to have a run around and that was when we discovered he was actually useful!’

She said giving Archie a shot at the big time was the right decision, as she now nearly values him at the top of her pack of working dogs.

‘Archie would almost be my pick if I had to choose – he is small and has very fast little legs which means he can get around the sheep with ease and speed,’ she said.

Ms Hewitt said she thought Archie’s unexpected sheep-chasing skills had been honed in his mind while watching the other dogs at work.

‘I think he definitely learned how to do sheep work by watching the other sheep dogs,’ she said.

While he has shorter legs than his canine friends on the farm, Ms Hewitt said he makes up for what he lacks by way of his character.

‘Dachshunds are definitely a stubborn but smart breed, they also have very selective hearing,’ she said.

‘But they are extremely intelligent, loyal, brave and they are the most loving dogs.’

After a hard day at work, Archie is exhausted as he has to work twice as hard as the other dogs to herd the sheep. 

‘He loves to come inside, plonk himself up on the couch and have a big sleep dreaming of chasing sheep,’ she said.

But that’s not before he stops at a trough on the way home to have a dip and cool off.


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